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Purchase this effective roaster parrilla for your stunning modern kitchen. It is made of sturdy stainless steel in a variety of editions, and the open design contains adjustable racks that help you maintain different temperatures at various levels of grilling. It maintains fire for an average of 30 minutes and broiling temperatures between 200° and 250°C.

  • GP95SC With Cabinet

  • Roasting Area 800x730 mm

  • Net weight - 140 kg

  • 2 Removal upper rack 290x310 mm(x2)

  • 1 stainless steel grill rack 

  • Front drip pan

  • Ash collector drawer

  • Firebrick coated fire pit

  • charcoal starter

  • poker

  • Grill scraper

  • Charcoal shovel

  • it functions on charcoal

Double Grill racks


      GP95S Counter-top

  • Roasting Area 800x730 mm

  • Net weight- 100kg

      GP95D Counter- top

  • Roasting Area 1000x620 mm

  • Net weight- 180 kg

 GP95DC With Cabinet Roasting Area

1000x620 mm

 Net weight- 220 kg

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