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The Grillex is a state of the art commercial BBQ for outdoor kitchen, park and public use spaces that brings people together. It is fully designed and made in Australia.The innovative and smart design of the Grillex Inbench unit means “it gets hot” and will sear!

The BBQ has been designed to ensure hygienic cooking with an electropolished, stainless steel hotplate. It also ensures a safer cooking surface after the rapid sterilising preheat phase.
Safe for the environment, the electric Grillex BBQ is fully enclosed with no exposed flames that risk bushfires during our hot, dry Arabian summers.



Two cast brass burners and one ProSear 2™ Burner (total 73,000 BTUs) . 935-sq.-in. cooking surface (640 primary, 295 secondary) . Hot surface ignition system
. Control illumination with blue LEDs . Dual halogen grill surface lights . Heat stabilising design . Temperature gauge . Fluid rotation handle . Removable large-capacity smoker box
. Stainless steel grilling grates . Dual-position internal rotisserie with heavy-duty, 3-speed motor and rear infrared burner (14,000 BTUs)
. Ceramic Briquettes facilitate even radiant heat distribution . Heavy-duty welded construction eliminates gaps where grease and moisture can collect


Now complementing our Grillex hotplates is the new innovative Mk2 controller. This powerful and efficient unit now has a bright easy to read digital display and comes with new added functions and features. In addition to the all the previous energy saving features of the smart MK1, the newMk2 smarter controller now has

A counter to monitor how many times the BBQ is used, A total run hours meter to measure the duration of use and A total KwH used meter which displays the power consumed.
All these new features provide critical data with the important benefit of superior control and operation for personnel involved in maintaining and maximising the efficiencies of multiple barbecue sites.

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