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We offer the finest outdoor residential and indoor commercial wood ovens from leading manufacturers Lynx, Fontana and Earth Stone. Predominantly a favourite with adults and children for pizzas, they are very versatile cooking everything from roast meat to bread.







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Fontana Outdoor Ovens
Taste the difference

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The Fontana range includes:

. Wood fired pizza ovens
. Gas fired pizza ovens
. Oven and grill combo
. Double oven - wood fired
. Commercial pizza ovens

The Fontana tradition of excellence and craftsmanship goes back to 1945, when Giuseppe Fontana, the eldest of nine children, returned from the war to his hometown of San Lorenzo In Campo in the Marche region of Italy. Needing a vocation, he started a small blacksmith and farrier’s shop, making cast-iron tools for the farmers in the surrounding countryside and shoeing their horses. In 1952, Giuseppe’s younger brothers Bruno and Carlo joined him, expanding the business into the building and repair of farming equipment. They began hiring additional employees in 1954, as demand for their products and services quickly grew.
In 1973, the Fontana brothers decided it was finally time to move from the “workshop downstairs” into a real factory, building an industrial space of 1200 square meters. This enabled their expansion into carpentry machinery, adding to the company’s growing reputation as one of Italy’s most distinguished metal crafters.
It was five years later when they produced their signature achievement — the one with which the Fontana name has been identified ever since. In 1978, the Fontana brothers saw how the carpenters of the Marche region, along with people all over the world, were affected by the energy crisis of the 1970s. Looking for alternatives to the carpentry market and for ways to help people save fuel, the brothers noted that for many Italians, wood use was highly inefficient. There had to be a way, they thought, for a wood-fired oven to achieve and maintain high heat without the many hours of preheat time and without the prodigious amounts of wood that traditional ovens consumed. And they proved themselves right, when they designed and built the first-ever indirect combustion oven.
The new oven was a great success, and its popularity spread throughout Italy. Nevertheless, the Fontana brothers continued to examine and revise their design to discover and implement improvements. In 1986, they produced their oven’s first major redesign, introducing interior lighting and a system of forced ventilation inside the oven’s cooking chamber. They also created a version of the oven that could be installed inside homes, revolutionizing wood-fired cooking in Italy.
Today, Fontana Forni employs 28 high-level craftsmen, and is led by Giovanni, Marco, Alessandro, and Nicola Fontana. The Fontana family is proud to be synonymous with the only wood-fired oven on the market today that combines the finest old-world Italian craftsmanship with the best that modern technology in offer in convenience and refinement.
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  • Forno Toscano Margherita Pizza Oven
    The Italian made Forno Toscano Margherita is the latest addition to our line of wood-fired pizza ovens.
    This modern take on the traditional brick oven combines the speed and efficiency expected from the products we proudly carry with the authentic touch of old world cooking.
    Made with the highest quality stainless steel, these ovens heat up to temperature in an incredible 10-15 minutes. Cook directly on the cooking stone to obtain incredibly crispy brick oven crust.

    • Portable, easy-to-set-up wood-burning oven allows you to make authentic Neapolitan-style pizza at home.
    • Equally effective for baking bread and roasting meats.
    • Cooking stones reach temperatures of up to 800ºF in just 20 minutes, and ensure a crisp crust.
    • Fully insulated with rock-based insulation.
    • Brushed stainless steel exterior.
    • External thermometer display shows internal temperature.
    • 77”h x 31”w x 31”d.
    • Made in Italy.
  • Forno Toscano Marinara 80 x 80 Pizza Oven
    The Marinara comes with an impressively large 80 x 80 oven. It is equipped with a practical stainless shell trolley with shelf, wheels and hook to hang tools, it is provided with word-holder plate, fire tool, flue pipe with adjustable smoke exit valve and chimney top, closing for the cooking chamber.
    The fire surface is made of high quality refractory chamotte, certified for food use. The internal structure is in stainless shell, while the external one is in electrogalvanised steel treated with paints at high temperature for the maximum resistance to heat, weather and rust. The insulation of the oven is made of natural rock and it allows it to maintain temperature more efficiently and to avoid the external structure from becoming too hot.

    • Oven 80 x 80
    • Weight 160 kg
    • Up to 6 pizzas at one time

  • Gas Pizza Oven
    For the backyard cooking enthusiasts who might be more interested in an updated take on the Italian pizza cooking tradition, our line of gas pizza ovens offer the same great features of our wood-fired ovens but with the added convenience of cooking with gas. These pizza ovens can be fuelled using propane or natural gas (with a conversion kit). Our outdoor gas ovens also provide the added benefit of a bit more cooking surface area over our wood-fired ovens, as the gas burner takes up less space than a traditional fire.We currently offer our gas pizza ovens in two sizes: The Margherita Gas (small) and the Mangiafuoco (medium).
    . Solid-weld construction using 2.5 mm of 304 & 441 stainless steel reinforced with a 5 mm Corten steel panel in the cooking chamber.
    . A full 12 cms of natural rock-spun wool insulation surrounds the cooking chamber to maximise heat retention and cooking efficiency.
    . Our unique cooking chamber, domed front-to-back and side-to-side, eliminates hot spots and ensures uniform heat distribution.
    . A stainless steel damper control for maximum heat retention and precise temperature control.
    . Painted surfaces are electro-galvanized before powder-coating, providing superb protection against corrosion.
    . 100% designed and made in Italy.
  • Fontana Forni Oven
    The Fiamma 80 outdoor oven is coppered coloured shell and sidewalls with brick effect finish. The cooking chamber is on 3 levels, made from stainless steel and refractory plates with double ventilation and lighting.
    It comes supplied with grills, cooking pans, a stainless steel chimney, side and front worktop and fire tool.
    The oven comes equipped with thermometer and timer and is mounted on a trolley for easy portability

    • Rounded vault for uniform heat and even cooking
    • Low maintenance & easy cleaning
    • Low emissions
    • Stainless steel chimney with smoke control valve
    • Lighting and fans
    • A range of accessories

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    In 1978, the Fontana brothers designed and produced the first-ever indirect combustion wood-fired oven. Nearly 40 years later, Fontana ovens are still 100% made in Italy by master craftsmen, and are the most well-built ovens on the market:

    -Made from cast iron and 3-mm stainless steel

    -Reinforced with Corten steel, giving Fontana ovens an industry-best 4-year dome warranty

    -Continuous solid welds

    -Metals electro-galvanized before powder-coating, providing superb protection against corrosion

    -Fully insulated with 12cm of natural rock-spun wool insulation

    -Domed not only from back to back (like most ovens), but also side-to-side

    -Damper on the chimney lets you control the draw

    -Our ovens can allow smoke to exit even while door is closed
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  • Fontana Pizza & Cucina Doppio
    Pizza & Cucina Doppio is an oven-barbecue constructed in anthracite painted galvanised stainless steel. The cooking surface is a generous 45 x 110 cm, ideal for small gatherings.
    The trolley is equipped with wheels for easy portability and can store a range of tools and accessories.
    Ignition is easy via a combustion chamber specifically created to facilitate this operation and to ensure steady and uniform heat distribution.
    Pizza & Cucina is equipped with a device to adjust the intensity of the flame and with a practical system for the recovery and discharge of ash.

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  • Commercial Pizza Ovens
    Our commercial ovens are the prefect for any kitchen:
    . Easy to install - pre assembled at the factory and ready to use
    . Short ignition and preheating times (30 minutes)
    . Reduced wood consumption (saving up to 60% - when compared to traditional concrete or refractory oven)
    . Transportable - can position anywhere
    . Multifunctional - lots of dishes can be cooked in the oven, with flavours enhanced with the flames and wood embers
    Technical features of the Fontana ovens:
    . Double baking refractory of 8cm thickness and a mattress of insulating material to maintain even temperature cooking
    . All materials used are certified for food use
    . Steel construction - strong and durable, but lightweight. Stainless steel 441 is used
    . Painted parts - electro-galvinised steel and powder painted for maximum weather resistance
  • Forno Prometeo Pizza Oven
    The Prometeo Pizza Oven is designed for commercial use. This wood fired oven is built to last

    . Oven dimensions 90 x 120
    . External measurements: 121 x 142 x 290

    . Weight 570 kg (less 90kg if no base)
    . Up to 6 pizzas at one time

  • Forno Vulcano Pizza Oven
    The Vulcano Pizza Oven is designed for commercial use. This wood fired oven is built to last

    . Oven dimensions 70 x 100
    . External measurements: 121 x 142 x 290

    . Weight 570 kg (less 90kg if now base)
    . Up to 6 pizzas at one time

Lynx Outdoor Ovens
For even bake

Lynx Pizza Ovens
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Chefs around the world recognise the full flavours and evenly baked finish that can only be summoned from a stone oven.

The Lynx Napoli Oven is a passport to another realm of outdoor cuisine. It can elicit the aromas of a rustic apple cake, rosemary braised lamb shanks, or a basil pesto flatbread. Finish your grilled salmon’s garlic sesame sauce into a shimmering glaze.

The oven can be built into your kitchen or placed on a countertop or freestanding cart. The Napoli Oven is capable of baking at 700°F, and hides an authentic refractory mortar dome beneath its elegant exterior. Impressive in beauty and function, the Napoli will broaden your bill of fare.
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When we created our Napoli Oven to elicit the steady intensity of a stone oven, we wanted to make it perfectly simple for you. One of the elegant touches is a pull-out cooking surface that makes it easy for you to place, check, or remove a dish.
It's the kind of delicious detail our designers never forget.
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Like our grills, the Napoli Outdoor Oven
has elegant illumination that encircles each knob with a calm blue halo of light in the darkness. The oven also has internal illumination to show you exactly how your food is looking.
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Your outdoor kitchen is all your own.
We know that each kitchen is as unique as the delicious meals it creates. So, we design Lynx products to work within a spectrum of inspired configurations. We've designed the Napoli Oven with a top exhaust chimney that takes excess heat up and away, and the chimney can face either the front or the back.
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  • Lynx 30" Napoli Pizza Oven Freestanding
    The Lynx Napoli Pizza Oven is the perfect complement to complete your outdoor kitchen. New from Lynx this high quality oven, reheats quickly to the high temperature need to bake that perfect pizza. Ideal for cooking a variety of other foods. All from the outdoor kitchen experts at Lynx.
    . 400-square-inch cooking surface
    . Specially formulated concrete refractory interior dome and cooking surface
    . Preheats quickly to 700°F for a quick pizza cook
    . Variable infrared heating system
    . Cooking surface pulls forward for easy access to food
    . Reversible top chimney vents toward front or rear
    . Removable front door
    . Hand polished mirrored edges, interior light, blue LED control knob illumination
    . 54.5" W x 63.25" H x 34" D
    . Includes 12¼” x 20” Pizza Peel
  • Professional 30" Pizza Oven (countertop or built-in)
    . 400-square-inch cooking surface
    . Specially formulated concrete refractory interior dome and cooking surface
    . Preheats quickly to 700°F for a quick pizza cook
    . Variable infrared heating system
    . Cooking surface pulls forward for easy access to food
    . Reversible top chimney vents toward front or rear
    . Removable front door
    . Hand polished mirrored edges, interior light, blue LED control knob illumination
    . 37" W x 38.5" H x 34.25" D
    . Includes 12¼” x 20” Pizza Peel

EarthStone Ovens
Residential and Commercial ovens

EarthStone Ovens
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For over twenty years Earthstone has offered an extensive line of modern high quality wood and gas fired ovens for both the restaurant and home. Earthstone has developed a strong reputation in the United States, Canada and abroad by providing quality ovens and exceptional service. The ovens are designed with the end user in mind, incorporating our many years of experience with advanced materials and technology. All ovens are manufactured in California and are UL and ULC listed backed with a five year limited warranty.
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  • Residential Modular Ovens
    Model 60 (Modular Wood Fire Oven)
    Food Capacities:
    8" pizzas: 2-3
    Eight medium size steaks or six large steaks on 17" x 20" grilling rack

    Ovens come standard with:
    . Advanced refractory elements with superior mass for high thermal resistance.
    12"X12" industrial bakers hearth tiles, "Pierre de Boulanger".
    . Includes: Mechanical temperature gauge
    . Cast aluminum door, Metal entrance plate.
    . Oven heats up quickly for low fuel consumption.
    . Easy to install --- Comes with complete installation video and booklet, operation and maintenance instructions.
    . Hood designed to remove smoke & odours efficiently.
    . Five year limited warranty.
    Installed Dimensions/Specs:

    Concrete block assembly:
    44" x 36" x 68" (Wt 5,000 lb)

    Steel frame assembly:
    38" x 32" x 66" (Wt 2,200 lb)

    Shipping Weight: 1,000 lbs.

    Model 60 cooking area = 23” x 26
    Model 90 cooking area = 35” dia
    Model 110 cooking area = 43” dia
  • Residential Pre-assembled Ovens

    All of our pre-assembled ovens are designed and manufactured with the end user in mind. The body parts are cast 4 to 6 inch thick high temperature refractory material with an 80% alumnia content and additional special additives which stop deterioration.
    Our steel support frame and enclosure are constructed of heavy gauge welded tube steel and angle iron members. All precisely fabricated and attractively designed. The void area between the cast oven body and steel circular enclosure is entirely filled with a hardened light-weight insulation mixture forming a secondary molded body.
    The combination of thick cast refractory body and an outer insulation shell maximises the thermal mass or heat storage capacity which allows for even cooking temperatures with no fluctuations and very low fuel consumption. EARTHSTONE brings its customers many years experience to continually maintain the highest standards in its entire line of wood fire ovens.

    Model 60

    Model 90 -110

    Model Cafe

    Model 120 Naples

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    Exterior: 33"W x 32"D
    Height: 61"
    Pizza Capacity:
    8" Pizzas: 2
    12" Pizzas: 1
    16" Pizzas: 1

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    Exterior Diameter: 50"
    Height: 80"
    Pizza Capacity:
    8" Pizzas: 3-4 / 6-7
    12" Pizzas: 2-3 / 3-4

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    Exterior: 48½"W x 44"D
    Height: 80"
    Pizza Capacity:
    8" Pizzas: 3-4
    12" Pizzas: 2-3
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    Exterior Diameter: 70"

    Height: 72"
    Pizza Capacity:
    12"-13" Pizzas: 4-5

  • Commercial Modular Ovens

    Model 90

    Model 110

    Model 130

    Model 160

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    Shipping Weight: 1,200 lbs.
    Interior Cooking Area: 35" in diameter.
    Food Capacities:
    8" Pizzas: 3-4
    12" Pizzas: 2-3
    Eight medium size steaks or six large steaks on 17" x 20" grilling rack

    Shipping Weight: 1,700 lbs.
    Interior Cooking Area: 43" in diameter.
    Food Capacities:
    8" Pizzas: 6-7
    12" Pizzas: 3-4
    16" Pizzas: 2
    Eight medium size steaks or six large steaks on 17" x 20" grilling rack

    Shipping Weight: 2,600 lbs.
    Interior Cooking Area: 52" in diameter.
    Food Capacities:
    8" Pizzas: 9-10
    12" Pizzas: 6-7
    16" Pizzas: 3-4
    Eight medium size steaks or six large steaks on 17" x 20" grilling rack

    Shipping Weight: 3,800 lbs.
    Interior Cooking Area: 64" in diameter.
    Food Capacities:
    8" Pizzas: 18-20
    12" Pizzas: 12-13
    16" Pizzas: 6-7
    Eight medium size steaks or six large steaks on 17" x 20" grilling rack

  • Commercial Modular Ovens

    Model 110 Due

    Model 130 Due

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    Stacks Image 426

    Exterior Diameter: 92 ¼" x 54 ¼"
    Height: 80"
    Pizza Capacity:
    12" Pizzas: 10-11
    16" Pizzas: 6-7
    18" Pizzas: 6

    Exterior Diameter: 116 ¼" x 66 ¼"
    Height: 80"
    Pizza Capacity:
    12" Pizzas: 15-17
    16" Pizzas: 10
    18" Pizzas: 8


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