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A carefully selected choice of outdoor fridge options suited to the desert climate and perfect for your Gulf Leisure designed outdoor kitchen

Blastcool presents Europe’s only safety approved outdoor beverage coolers. Outdoor kitchens are an extremely smart addition to a home and require the best appliances. Blastcool fridges will add visual beauty thanks to their high grade stainless steel construction. They can withstand all weather, from rain to 40°C heat. This range of outdoor fridges chills drinks 5 times quicker than a household fridge. Blastcool use the best components that are GreenPeace approved and extremely energy efficient.
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Quality stainless steel
The GSP series coolers are made from top quality 304 food grade steel, ideally suited to outdoor areas, with excellent corrosion resistant properties.

Reflective interior
The interior uses polished stainless steel which has an attractive mirror finish, reflecting the bottles inside and adding a smart design flourish.

Strong handles
A full length stylish stainless steel door handle is easy to grab and robust in construction.

Precision control
An Italian electronic controller regulates the temperature with the precision necessary for professional standard food and drinks service. The user interface incorporates an ECO button and light switch behind the all weather protective cover.

Low energy lighting
LightingLED lighting displays the contents with allure and clarity at the same time. An optional blue cover can be used to change the colour for designers who require a more subdued tone.

Safety glass
Two layers of toughened safety glass help to ensure that the glass is resistant to breakage. In the event of a manor impact, the glass will shatter into small safer squares rather than dangerous shards of glass. This is critical for poolside or garden areas where children may be playing.

Adjustable shelving
Bottles come in many different shapes and sizes. Blastcool designed coolers have adjustable shelving on 2H and 3H models.

Self-closing doors and locks
The GSP series feature smooth self-closing doors that save energy and keep the cold sealed in. All coolers have a lock as standard.

Fronting venting
The GSP series is entirely front venting, thus allowing them to be fully built in. Cool air is drawn in through one side of the bottom griller and expelled from the other side by a powerful fan within the compressor department. A high efficiency heat exchanger disputes the heat, even in temperatures of 40+ ‘C.
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Internal Icemaker
Design and Quality are Made in Italy Modular refrigerators with door or drawers, entirely in AISI 316 STAINLESS STEEL, complete with electronic digital thermostat and interior LED lighting. Devised and designed to withstand external use, they can guarantee maximum protection against the elements. Design innovation and culture come together in top-quality products to bring you quality, reliability and performance

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Designed  to  transform  the  drawer  refrigerator  into  a  stylish  piece  of furniture, they express a sober and sophisticated, able to interpret the unique personality of your boat. Available in configurations ranging from generous 300 litres up to the smallest of only 35 litres, and with the possibility of having a refrigerator functions, freezer and ice-maker, with built-in or remote cooling unit. They are really pleased to satisfy any kind of need and location on board. The special care in the choice of  finishes  of  stainless  steel  -  AISI  316  - make the product aesthetically pleasing, and can be integrated in any type of boat interior.
Vitrifrigo uses, in its refrigerators only certified compressors which pass the highest quality noise test levels and the newest materials and applications providing an increase in refrigerator insulation values without affecting the dimensions.

This refrigerator operates on 220/240V DC power and it must have sufficient ventilation.

  • DW42 - 42 litres
  • DW70 - 57 litres
  • DW100 - 95 litres
  • C180 - 157 litres
  • DW180 - 80 + 64 litres
  • DW120 - 78 + 104 litres
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Full range
Icemaker modules form a guaranteed mechanical, simple concept ice making system. Available for connection to the water mains or for use with mineral water, via the internal tank.
Two top-loading refrigerator models with stainless steel interior (C37L, also available with freezer) or with interior in thermoformed abs (C40L).
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Hoshizaki is widely considered to be one of the world’s leading manufacturers of ice machines and is committed to providing an outstanding level of reliability and performance to ensure customers can depend on them season after season, year after year.
The range encompasses many machines that make different types of ice for different users across a wide span of industry sectors. All the machines bear the unique hallmark of quality that is associated with Hoshizaki.

All machines are originally designed and specified by the Japanese Research & Development team, employing over 150 engineers. The basic designs and major component parts are specified for a global market meaning that Hoshizaki machines will effortlessly achieve outstanding levels of efficiency in ambient temperatures of between 40°C and 1°C - even in humid environments.

Parts are precision engineered exclusively for each machine. Bins are polyurethane foam injected with insulated, precision made doors with gaskets to create a closed environment that minimises meltage and thus decreases the number of ice production cycles.

398 x 451 x 695mm

Weight: 34kg

Ice production: 24kg/24hrs

Electricity: 220/240v

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